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Together everyone achieves more is the secret of incredible success story of DAV. A team of committed diligent and devoted teacher is the strength of DAV. It is due to the share consistency and perseverance that DAV is able to lay the foundation of excellence and meet the emerging challenges of time. The School boasts of qualified and competent teachers with years of teaching experience . Regular seminars and workshops are organized by DAV college managing committee and the school to update the skills and competencies of faculty.


Sr.No. Name Designation Date of Appointment Trained / Untrained Nature of Service
1 MR. DHEERAJ KUMAR SINGH  PRINCIPAL 17.06.2019 Trained Probation 
2 MR. AJAY KUMAR VYAS PGT PHYSICAL  EDU.  04.04.1997 Trained Confirmed
3 MR. ASHEESH RANJAN PGT COMM 01.07.2002 Trained Confirmed
4 MR. NITIN BHATIA PGT MATHS 08.07.2004 Trained Confirmed
5 MR SACHIN MITTAL PGT CHEMISTRY 05.07.2007 Trained Confirmed
6 MR. VINOD KUMAR SHARMA PGT COMMERCE 04.07.2008 Trained Confirmed
7 MRS. SARIKA RAWAT PGT ENGLISH 04.07.2008 Trained Confirmed
8 MR. CHANDRA MOHAN JUYAL PGT  PHYSICS 23.06.2008 Trained Confirmed
9 MR. VIKAS GUPTA PGT C.S. 18.07.2008 Trained Confirmed
10 DR. KAUSHAL KISHORE PANDEY PGT ENGLISH 06.07.2015 Trained Confirmed
11 MR. RANA JAIRAJ SINGH PGT ECONOMICS 01.07.2015 Trained Confirmed
12 MRS. CHANDRAKALA DWIVEDI PGT HINDI 16.07.1990 Trained Confirmed
13 MRS. REENA SHAH PGT BIOLOGY 01.07.2014 Trained Confirmed
14 MRS. MINAXI BHATIA TGT ENG 11.07.2005 Trained Confirmed
15 MR. DIWAKAR SINGH NEGI TGT S.ST. 23.06.2008 Trained Confirmed
16 MR PRAVEEN SINGH NEGI TGT MATHS 01.07.2010 Trained Confirmed
17 MR. PIYUSH PRASAD TGT ENGLISH 02.07.2012 Trained Confirmed
18 MRS. CHITRA NEGI TGT PHYSICS 03.10.2012 Trained Confirmed
19 MRS. ANITA GANDHI TGT SCIENCE 03.10.2015 Trained Confirmed
20 MR. SANJAY KUMAR SHARMA TGT COMPUTER 01.09.2012 Trained Confirmed
21 MS. SHRUTI BARTHWAL TGT SOCIAL SCIENCE 21.09.2017 Trained Probation
22 MRS. SEEMA RAWAT TGT CHEMISTRY 06.04.2016 Trained Probation
23 MRS. DIVYA NAUTIYAL TGT PHYSICS 21.07.2016 Trained Probation
24 MS. PREETI RANA TGT CHEMISTRY 01.07.2017 Trained Probation
25 MRS. SNEHLATA KUKRETI TGT HINDI 01.07.2017 Trained Probation
26 MS. DIVYA NEGI TGT MATHS 01.07.2017 Trained Probation
27 DR. VIPIN KUMAR TGT PAINTING 01.07.2017 Trained Probation
28 MR. ASHISH NAITHANI TGT HINDI 01.07.2019 Trained Contractual
29 MRS. ALKA JAIN TGT MATHS 04.04.2019 Trained Contractual
30 MR. HARISH CHANDRA PRT D.S. 15.07.1995 Trained Confirmed
31 MRS. ANJALI BISHT PRT  15.07.1995 Trained Confirmed
32 MS. RITU TYAGI PTI 11.07.2005 Trained Confirmed
33 MRS. KIRAN ANTHWAL PRT COMPUTER 11.07.2005 Trained Confirmed
34 MS. ASMA PRAVEEN PRT ENGLISH 01.07.2008 Trained Probation
35 MRS. SHWETA RAI PRT ENGLISH 01.08.2013 Trained Confirmed
36 MRS. ANITA TOMAR PRT MATHS 01.07.2013 Trained Confirmed
37 DR. NIHARIKA AGARWAL PRT ART 06.07.2012 Trained Confirmed
38 MS. SHAKUNTALA BINJOLA PRT GEN 02.07.2012 Trained Confirmed
39 MS. LATA RAWAT NTT 02.07.2012 Trained Confirmed
40 MS. SHILPI PAUL PRT MUSIC 02.07.2015 Trained Confirmed
41 MRS. BABITA CHAUHAN PRT HINDI 01.07.2015 Trained Confirmed
42 Mr. VIJENDRA SINGH PET 01.08.2013 Trained Confirmed
43 MRS. SHIVANGI RAWAT PRT  01.07.2013 Trained Confirmed
44 MRS. PRATIBHA RAWAT PRT MATHS 01.07.2017 Trained Probation
45 MS. HEENA SADANA PRT SCIENCE 16.08.2017 Trained Probation
46 MRS. SHASHI MISHRA PRT HINDI 07.01.2019 Trained Contractual
47 MRS. NEHA SHARMA PRT 01.07.2019 Trained Contractual
48 MRS. SHALINI SINGH PRT SCIENCE 01.12.2018 Trained Temporary
49 MRS. RENU BISHT LIBRARIAN 04.07.2002 Trained Confirmed