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Aravali House (Color Red)

DAV Public School Kotdwara is marching towards victory holding high their responsibilities, honour and pride of the school. These are carried by young captains and the members of four houses i.e Aravali House, Himalaya House, Nilgiri House and Shivalik House.
The color represent energy and power. As mountains Aravali are standing firm and determined in the unbearable heat of deserts, same efforts are promised by the members of the house. 

Himalaya House (Color Yellow)

The color represent peace and light. Himalayas are known for its highest peak and the widest ranges in the world, with same energy and strength the members promise to match their level best to it and take school and nation’s pride to its peak.

Nilgiri House (Color Blue)

The color represent knowledge, depth and vastness. Nilgiri, a mountain range in the southern India shows firmness and solidarity within. So as the members of the house prove their firmness and seems determined to achieve their goal what may come, putting down their roots of their culture and values as deeply as possible.

Shivalik House(Color Green)

The color is the color is the symbol of richness, it also tells us the importance of nature and mother earth. As the shivalik stands tall and vibrant with mind boggling greens and as the name Shiva represents, it inspires to move towards the sanctity of highness, with the promise of purity of thoughts and deeds and also promise to save nature and mother earth.


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Balbhadrapur, Kotdwara (Pauri Garhwal),
Uttarakhand, Pin-246149.
Phone : 01382-231265, 9084279514
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